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Bilingual Glossaries

This website has a large number of bilingual glossaries for EAL  pupils to use in class to support their learning. They are available in all these languages and for a number of secondary subjects.

Ririro (audio stories in other languages)

It is Ririro’s mission to give all children in the world free access to a variety of stories. The stories can be read, downloaded and printed online and cover a wide range of topics, including animals, fantasy, science, history, diverse cultures and much more.

The stories can be read in English, Polish, Spanish, Arabic and others. (Please note that Russian and  Ukrainian are NOT available. )

Click here to be taken to the Ririro website.

Ukraine: resources for schools and families

A short training video giving staff an introduction to welcoming refugee families into our schools and communities. 

This 16-minute video for all Highland Council school staff is an introduction to supporting Ukrainian pupils and their families in our schools, with signposting to further resources and support.

Presented by Educational Psychologist Carrie Yavuz and EAL Teacher Alison Roy.

Please note that this video can only be opened by staff with a Highland Council Google email. Please ensure you have logged into Chrome with your Highland Council google email.

We have collated a selection of resources to support schools in welcoming families from Ukraine.

Click on the image for Nursery/ Primary or Secondary or Families. This will take you to a google doc with links to the resources. Please note that these are live documents and are being added to as new resources and information becomes available.

Offline Bilingual Dictionaries for exams/assessments have bilingual dictionary apps available in 20 different languages.  These are offline, word for word dictionaries which are permitted in exams and assessments if you follow the  guidance from SQA.

Apps can be installed on Chromebooks/phones/i pads from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

At present the Polish and French apps can be added to a pupils Chromebook. If you need another language please contact the EAL Team. If you pupil’s first language is not available there are other apps available so get in touch.

As with paper dictionaries,  pupils should  only be given the app in assessments if they use bilingual dictionaries for regular  classwork/homework. Some practice in using the app before the assessment/exam is advised.


New to English EAL Induction Pack for SECONDARY

New to English Induction Pack for Secondary:  Now includes links to online resources: online flashcards, You Tube videos, interactive games and worksheets. This allows the whole pack to be used online but includes links to printable resources,  if required.

N.B. This is a live document and is being currently updated.

As always, if you find additional resources or make up your own topics then please share them with us and we can add them to the pack.

Fluency Tutor

Increase and track pupil’s reading fluency with this easy to use website: Pupils record themselves reading a passage (from a library or create   your own) for you to listen to and assess. Comprehension questions for each passage are also available.

Student Guide to Using Fluency Tutor

New to English EAL Induction Pack for PRIMARY (Including Big Bear Banter)

Combined resources from the Big Bear Banter  and  P4-7 Induction Packs. Now including lots of links for each topic to online resources eg. online flashcards, animated stories, YouTube videos, songs and interactive games. This document is a live document which will be  updated with new online resources.



Using Technology to Support EAL Learners in Primary Schools

An easy use resource which is full of apps/ extensions/websites to support EAL learners to  develop their English skills and to access the curriculum.  This is a ‘live’ document which will be updated regularly so we would recommend that you store it in Google Drive.

EAL Highland Manual for schools

EAL Manual for Highland Schools


This manual tries to collect everything you need to keep track of the language acquisition of EAL pupils. This tends to be achieved through EAL Profiles and the associated strategies which help to flag up how a child is acquiring English and if there is a need for investigation or enquiry into other additional difficulties. Also included in the manual is guidance on ensuring SEEMiS is up to date, support for the enrolment of pupils into school, how to access interpreting and translation services, and resources for new to English pupils. It is split into 3 sections that are appropriate for the different stages of an EAL pupil’s school life. The links are all provided on Google Drive with the shared access link you have been provided with. 

Just click on the links to get to the support materials. 

There are lots of additional materials to be found at including dual language resources, best practice, subject support etc

A Calendar Year of EAL Support – Primary and Secondary


Enrolment and profiling

New to English support


Enrolment and profiling

New to English support

PSA Support and Strategies


Enrolment and profiling


New to English support

PSA Support and Strategies

Training and CPD