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Welcome to the Highland Council’s EAL website, where you’ll find resources to help support your bilingual learners. These include:

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EAL Highland Manual for schools

EAL Manual for Highland Schools


This manual tries to collect everything you need to keep track of the language acquisition of EAL pupils. This tends to be achieved through EAL Profiles and the associated strategies which help to flag up how a child is acquiring English and if there is a need for investigation or enquiry into other additional difficulties. Also included in the manual is guidance on ensuring SEEMiS is up to date, support for the enrolment of pupils into school, how to access interpreting and translation services, and resources for new to English pupils. It is split into 3 sections that are appropriate for the different stages of an EAL pupil’s school life. The links are all provided on Google Drive with the shared access link you have been provided with. 

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There are lots of additional materials to be found at www.ealhighland.org including dual language resources, best practice, subject support etc

A Calendar Year of EAL Support – Primary and Secondary


Enrolment and profiling

New to English support


Enrolment and profiling

New to English support

PSA Support and Strategies


Enrolment and profiling


New to English support

PSA Support and Strategies

Training and CPD

Little by Little: Strategies for Pupils

Let's learn English through readings!: Hello, my dear students ...

These strategies have been developed to support pupils to use strategies in their classes to help them to develop and acquire English. They can be downloaded individually or as a zip folder. They were originally developed and sent out to pupils over the year so that they had a weekly strategy to try out.

  1. Mind Maps
  2. Learning New Words
  3. Vocab cards Quizlet
  4. Use the people around you
  5. Graphic Organisers
  6. Tables
  7.  Translation and Dictionaries
  8. Action Tree
  9. Speech to text, readers and support on Chromebook
  10. Glossaries
  11. Summaries
  12. Questions
  13. Analysis – making the same mistakes
  14. Keeping your home language (L1)
  15. Idiomatic sayings

Little by Little zip folder

Highland One World Anti Racist resources

Here is a powerpoint put together by Highland One World looking at Anti Racist Resources. there are links to support for classroom resources, resources for staff understanding and pointers for further research and knowledge.  Always important, but particularly highlighted at the moment with Balck Lives Matter campaigns and demonstrations and important for all communities.

Antiracism education slides

SEESAW Translation tools

During the lockdown, many teachers have been using SEESAW to link up with their pupils.

Seesaw Parent & Family - Apps on Google Play

This link shows how to use translation tools in SEESAW to ensure that EAL Pupils can also link in with materials posted through the site.


Online Flashcards with audio

In Teddy Talk, Big Bear Banter and the induction packs for P4-7 and Secondary we have all used flashcards to learn new vocabulary.

MES have now put their flashcards online with audio. Great for use on chromebooks and during the current online learning. (slight warning in that uses American english so need to be careful using some of the vocabulary for UK English speakers eg trousers – pants)


Supporting Bilingual Learners of English in Highland Schools