Digital translation tools for EAL Learners

Digital Translation Tools for EAL Learners

Target Group – Upper Primary & Secondary PSAs, ASNTs and Class Teachers

Maximum Participants – 30

Number of hours out with – 1.5

Sectors – Upper Primary & Secondary

Cutoff date – 21/11/23

Subject – Literacy

Date: Tuesday 28th November, 4-5.30 pm

Venue: Inverness High School

HGIOS – 2.3 – Learning, teaching and assessment

HGIOS – 3.2 – Raising attainment and achievement

Aim – To upskill staff in digital translation tools to then support EAL pupils.

Content – During this training we will cover how to use key translation tools which are accessible to pupils on their Chromebooks such as Google Translate, Read & Write and OrbitNote.  There will be opportunities to practise using these tools during the session.

Notes: If possible, could attendees bring a Highland Council laptop or Chromebook to the training. Tea and coffee will be available.

Grammarly App/extension

The  Grammarly App has now been pushed out to the Play Store and can be added to the pupil’s Chromebooks.   It is a useful tool for older and more proficient EAL students to correct written work.  It sits as an extension along the top right in the same way as Google Read & Write etc.

Fluency Tutor

Increase and track pupil’s reading fluency with this easy to use website: Pupils record themselves reading a passage (from a library or create   your own) for you to listen to and assess. Comprehension questions for each passage are also available.

Student Guide to Using Fluency Tutor

New to English EAL Induction Pack for PRIMARY (Including Big Bear Banter)

Combined resources from the Big Bear Banter  and  P4-7 Induction Packs. Now including lots of links for each topic to online resources eg. online flashcards, animated stories, YouTube videos, songs and interactive games. This document is a live document which will be  updated with new online resources.



Using Technology to Support EAL Learners in Primary Schools

An easy use resource which is full of apps/ extensions/websites to support EAL learners to  develop their English skills and to access the curriculum.  This is a ‘live’ document which will be updated regularly so we would recommend that you store it in Google Drive.

Strategies for Supporting Writing at Stage 1


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Strategies for Supporting Reading at Stage 4

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Strategies  for Supporting Reading at Stage 3

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Strategies for Supporting Reading at Stage 2

DARTS activities including:-


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Strategies for Supporting Reading at Stage 1

DARTS activities including:-

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