New to English EAL Induction Pack for PRIMARY

Combined resources from the Big Bear Banter  and  P4-7 Induction Packs. Now including lots of links for each topic to online resources eg. online flashcards, animated stories, YouTube videos, songs and interactive games. This document is a live document which will be  updated with new online resources. 


Online Flashcards with audio

In Teddy Talk, Big Bear Banter and the induction packs for P4-7 and Secondary we have all used flashcards to learn new vocabulary.

MES have now put their flashcards online with audio. Great for use on chromebooks and during the current online learning. (slight warning in that uses American english so need to be careful using some of the vocabulary for UK English speakers eg trousers – pants)

Secondary Induction Pack

The following links will give you an Induction Pack for secondary pupils who are new to English. There are flashcard links, games, activities and web links to practice and develop vocabulary learning.  There are also QR codes for quick links to online activities, a record of activities sheet to keep a track of what subjects have been covered and a folder full of Topic Words lists for each subject.

Secondary Induction Pack

qr codes secondary

EAL Induction Pack Record of Activities

Topic Word Lists

Primary Induction pack for P4-7

The following link takes you to an Induction Pack for P4-7 pupils. This is for pupils who are new to English and has flashcard links, stories and games. There are also QR codes that can be used for quick access to ICT support materials and games.  These m,aterials are designed to be used with EAL Language Builder pack. For more information or support contact EAL Team

Click on the links below to download.

P4_7 Induction Pack

qr codes 4-7

New style Teddy Talk

Teddy Talk has a new style so have a look at the table (click on the link to go straight there) and choose a topic.

We have organised the table in a suggested order .. the first being suitable for pupils new to English and the latter ones for pupils working towards greater fluency.

There are also lots of new topics that have been added (apparently you say a sloth or a sleuth of bears so this is a sleuth of new Teddy Talks!):-

  • Family – My mum, my dad and me
  • Four Seasons – Un-Brella
  • Minibeasts – Mad About Minibeasts
  • Transport – Big Red Bus (a change from Mr Gumpy’s Transport
  • People Who Help Us
  • Pirates – Ten Little Pirates
  • Animals and Habitats – Walking in the Jungle
  • Chinese New Year – The Great Race

If you develop your own topics do let us know and we can add these too!


Big Bear Banter

big bear
Our Teddy Talk activities for nurseries have just grown up!

Big Bear Banter is a series of activities for pupils in P1 to P3  who are new to English. They include flashcard activities, story activities and using songs and rhymes. There are a host of different topics and links to further resources. Click on the link to download.

Big Bear Banter


or print directly from this table (currently being populated)

Flashcard InstructionsBooks and links to visualsGames, Songs and Rhymes
Colours Topic Cover Sheet
Colours Flashcards
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see? by Eric Carle and BIll Martin
Elmer by David McKee
Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
Ten Green Bottles
Shape Topic Cover Sheet
Shapes Flashcards
2D Bingo
Colour and Shapes Bingo Cards
NumberTopic Cover Sheet
Numbers Flashcards
Ten in the Bed by Jane CabreraLadybird Bing 1 - 10
Ten Fat Sausages Song
Ten in the Bed Song
I caught a Fish Alive - song
Classroom Objects Topic Cover Sheet
Classroom Objects Flashcards
Classroom Bingo
Parts of the Body Topic Cover Sheet
Parts of the Body Flashcards
Little Red Riding HoodBody Parts Bingo
Family Topic Cover Sheet
Family Flashcards
Goldilocks and the Three BearsFamily BingoFamily Posters
Feelings Topic Cover Sheet
Feelings Flashcards
Feelings Fans and Word Mats
Feelings Bingo
Clothes Topic Cover Sheet
Clothes Flashcards
Mrs Mopple's Washing LineClothes Bingo
Clothes Snap
Weather Topic Cover Sheet
Weather Flashcards
Weather and Words
Incy Wincy Spider
Weather Bingo
Weather Season Word Mat
Food Topic Cover Sheet
Food Flashcards
Food BingoHealthy and Unhealthy Food Bingo
Fruit Topic Cover Sheet
Fruit Flashcards
Handa's Surprise
Oliver's Fruit Salad
Fruit Bingo
Fruit Word Mat
Vegetables Topic Cover Sheet
Vegetables Flashcards
Oliver's VegetablesVegetable Bingo
Vegetable Word Mat
Fruit and Vegetable Bingo
Transport Topic Cover Sheet
Transport Flashcards
Transport Bingo
Transport Word Mat
Transport Sorting Cards
The Wheels on the Bus
Verbs Topic Cover Sheet
Verbs Flashcards
Verbs Bingo
Farm Animals Topic Cover Sheet
Farm Animals Flashcards
A Very Busy SpiderFarmyard Dominoes
Farm Animals Bingo
Pets Topic Cover Sheet
Pets Flashcards
Pets and where they live sorting cards
Pets Bingo
Animals Topic Cover Sheet
Animals Flashcards
Handa's SurpriseAnimals Bingo
Minibeasts Topic Cover Sheet
Minibeasts Flashcards
The Very Hungry CaterpillarMinibeast Bingo
Prepositions Topic Cover Sheet
Prepositions Flashcards
We're all going on a Bear HuntPreposition Bingo
Preposition Word Mat
Where is the mouse visuals
Days of the Week Topic Cover Sheet
Days of the Week Flashcards
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game
Monday's Child Is ... Solomon Grundy
Hobbies Topic Cover Sheet
Hobbies Flashcards
Hobbies Bingo
Months Topic Cover Sheet
Months Flashcards
Months and visuals
Units Time Posters
Places Topic Cover Sheet
Places Flashcards
Places Bingo
Sport Topic Cover Sheet
Sport Flashcards
Sports Bingo
Time Topic Cover Sheet
Time Flashcards
O'Clock Flashcards
O'Clock Time Fans
O'Clock and Half Past Bingo
What's the Time Mr Wolf
Easter Topic Cover Sheet
Easter Flashcards
Easter Vocabulary
Easter Reader
Hot Cross Buns
Easter Bingo
Halloween Topic Cover Sheet
Halloween Flashcards
Halloween Bingo
Halloween Topic Words
Winter Topic Cover Sheet
Winter Flashcards
Winter Words Cards
Four Seasons Topic Cover Sheet
Four Seasons Flashcards
Four Seasons Sorting Cards
Dress the children for the season
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Chinese New Year Topic Cover Sheet
Chinese New Year Flashcards
Chinese New Year Photo Set
Gruffalo Topic Cover Sheet
The Gruffalo Flashcards
T-S-004-The Gruffalo-Matching-Cards-and-Board (2)
Gruffalo Words Cards
Gruffalo Scenery Pictures
Diversity Topic Cover Sheet
Diversity Flashcards
Tusk Tusk Story pictures
Recycling Topic Cover Sheet
Waste Awareness Resource Pack
Recycling Sorting Flashcards
Micheal Recycle Teaching IdeasRecycling Games
Recycling Song
Homes Topic Cover Sheet
Inside and outside homes flashcards
Homes Flashcards
Goldilocks and the Three BearsHomes Bingo
Rooms and furniture Bingo
Senses Topic Cover Sheet
Senses Flashcards
Five senses flashcards
Senses Online StorySenses bingo
Jobs Topic Cover Sheet
Jobs flashcards - choose a selection
Jobs and tools matching game
Jobs and places of work matching game

As always if you find additional resources or make up your own topics then please share them with us and we can publish them on the EAL Highland Blog.