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New EAL Teachers for Highland

We would like to inform you of some recent changes to the English as an Additional Language Team within our service.

Previously, the remit for the team was area based but this has now changed to a Highland wide service.

Two new members of staff have also been employed until the end of June 2023 (SG funded), and the team now consists of Alison Roy, Jenny Gray, Alison Drummond and Rose Nicholls. Both Alison Drummond and Rose Nicholls, our new members to the team, have been employed primarily to support the Ukrainian refugee pupils. You can find their contact details at: https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/886/schools_-_additional_support_needs/39/english_as_an_additional_language

Ukraine: resources for schools and families

A short training video giving staff an introduction to welcoming refugee families into our schools and communities. 

This 16-minute video for all Highland Council school staff is an introduction to supporting Ukrainian pupils and their families in our schools, with signposting to further resources and support.

Presented by Educational Psychologist Carrie Yavuz and EAL Teacher Alison Roy.

Please note that this video can only be opened by staff with a Highland Council Google email. Please ensure you have logged into Chrome with your Highland Council google email.

We have collated a selection of resources to support schools in welcoming families from Ukraine.

Click on the image for Nursery/ Primary or Secondary or Families. This will take you to a google doc with links to the resources. Please note that these are live documents and are being added to as new resources and information becomes available.