Speedy Readers for pupils with EAL

At Charleston Academy and in the Highland trial in primary schools, Speedy Readers has proven very effective for pupils with EAL who have a ‘spiky profile’ eg their Listening and Talking is stage 3 or 4, but their Reading and Writing is stage 1 or 2.   Typically, this will be a pupil in P5 + who has been in UK education for more than 2 years, but who has literacy difficulties.

It is ideal for these pupils as it involves:

  • groupwork
  • reading choice
  • auditory back up
  • context

For information on how to implement, please see the Highland Literay BLOG http://highlandliteracy.com/speedy-readers-the-literacy-toolbox/

You may also want to use this with younger pupils. Please get in touch for advice.

Please note: This is not recommended for pupils who are New to English

Helping Your Child to Become Bilingual

Information for parents/carers and professionals on the advantages of bilingualism, available in the following languages:


World Stories website

This website contains lots of stories in many different languages. It has audio files and there is usually both English and other language version of the story. Once registered on the site, you have access to EAL guides which detail grammar and vocabulary included in the stories and other teacher guides and support.

World Stories website

Interpreters – Contact Details

Telephone Interpreting

Language Line Services: this service is available 24/7 in over 100 languages.  If you work for the Highland Council please get further information here. 

Face-to-face Interpreting

To book a face-to-face interpreter call the Highland Office of Global Language Services Ltd on  01463 592116 or email mail@globalinverness.com.

If you work for the Highland Council please get further information here.