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Polish Resources

polish flag

Here are a some new Polish resources for you to use in the classroom. One is a Polish Language Mat and the other is a set of language survival cards that teachers can use to ensure that newly arrived pupils understand directions and simple instructions.

Both resources are particularly helpful with new arrivals but also support children with some Polish literacy to find the right words. Click on the links below to download.


Polish Survival Guide

Big Bear Banter

big bear
Our Teddy Talk activities for nurseries have just grown up!

Big Bear Banter is a series of activities for pupils in P1 to P3  who are new to English.  They include flashcard activities, story activities and using songs and rhymes. There are a host of different topics and links to further resources.

The BBB resources are now part of the New to English EAL Induction Pack for Primary. The pack now includes  links  to online resources eg. online flashcards, animated stories, YouTube videos, songs and interactive games.

N.B. This document is a live document which is currently being updated.

As always if you find additional resources or make up your own topics then please share them with us and we can add them to the pack.

Record Keeping Sheets

Here are some record sheets to keep track of sessions that are taking place for Big Bear Banter in your setting.

Big Bear banter Record of Activities