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Be Bilingual Leaflets

These leaflets are published by Aberdeenshire EAL Service and promote bilingualism and the benefits of maintaining and developing home languages. They are published in a number of different languages and aslo have links for further information.

English as an Additional Language

Welcome to the Highland Council’s EAL website, where you’ll find resources to help support your bilingual learners. These include:

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Digital translation tools for EAL Learners

Digital Translation Tools for EAL Learners

Target Group – Upper Primary & Secondary PSAs, ASNTs and Class Teachers

Maximum Participants – 30

Number of hours out with – 1.5

Sectors – Upper Primary & Secondary

Cutoff date – 21/11/23

Subject – Literacy

Date: Tuesday 28th November, 4-5.30 pm

Venue: Inverness High School

HGIOS – 2.3 – Learning, teaching and assessment

HGIOS – 3.2 – Raising attainment and achievement

Aim – To upskill staff in digital translation tools to then support EAL pupils.

Content – During this training we will cover how to use key translation tools which are accessible to pupils on their Chromebooks such as Google Translate, Read & Write and OrbitNote.  There will be opportunities to practise using these tools during the session.

Notes: If possible, could attendees bring a Highland Council laptop or Chromebook to the training. Tea and coffee will be available.

SATEAL Teachmeet

SATEAL Teachmeet – November 23rd 2023 – 1630 to 1730

Come along to hear from guest speakers supporting bilingualism in schools.  Our Teachmeets focus on aspects of English as an Additional Language and are organised but informal sessions with 5 to 10 min slots for various speakers to share good practice, practical innovations, and personal insights in teaching. Created by teachers, for teachers.

Currently, the guest speakers are:

Kamil Trzebiatowski – TBC

Silvia Fiddes – 10 minutes: Ukrainian Refugees and Trauma: some tips and tools

Stuart Scott – 5 minutes: Introducing our relaunched Joined in Thinking blog

Oksana Gladina – 10 minutes: How to support Ukrainian learners

Karen Faulds – 5 minutes: Multilingualism through Art

The event is free to sign up to and online, just follow the link, and please consider following SATEAL on Eventbrite to hear about more events throughout the year.

Read and Write for Google Chrome

Robert Quiggly and Tania Mackie present a Read and Write training (including new features.)  Read and Write is a fantastic program on Google for EAL learners (and others.) It has many tools to aid reading and writing, including; predictive text, translate, speak-to-text, picture dictionary, and many more.

Click here to watch the training.

Bilingual Glossaries

This website has a large number of bilingual glossaries for EAL  pupils to use in class to support their learning. They are available in all these languages and for a number of secondary subjects.

Ririro (audio stories in other languages)

It is Ririro’s mission to give all children in the world free access to a variety of stories. The stories can be read, downloaded and printed online and cover a wide range of topics, including animals, fantasy, science, history, diverse cultures and much more.

The stories can be read in English, Polish, Spanish, Arabic and others. (Please note that Russian and  Ukrainian are NOT available. )

Click here to be taken to the Ririro website.

Grammarly App/extension

The  Grammarly App has now been pushed out to the Play Store and can be added to the pupil’s Chromebooks.   It is a useful tool for older and more proficient EAL students to correct written work.  It sits as an extension along the top right in the same way as Google Read & Write etc.

New EAL Teachers for Highland

We would like to inform you of some recent changes to the English as an Additional Language Team within our service.

Previously, the remit for the team was area based but this has now changed to a Highland wide service.

Two new members of staff have also been employed until the end of June 2023 (SG funded), and the team now consists of Alison Roy, Jenny Gray, Alison Drummond and Rose Nicholls. Both Alison Drummond and Rose Nicholls, our new members to the team, have been employed primarily to support the Ukrainian refugee pupils. You can find their contact details at:

Offline Bilingual Dictionaries for exams/assessments have bilingual dictionary apps available in 20 different languages.  These are offline, word for word dictionaries which are permitted in exams and assessments if you follow the  guidance from SQA.

Apps can be installed on Chromebooks/phones/i pads from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

At present the Polish and French apps can be added to a pupils Chromebook. If you need another language please contact the EAL Team. If you pupil’s first language is not available there are other apps available so get in touch.

As with paper dictionaries,  pupils should  only be given the app in assessments if they use bilingual dictionaries for regular  classwork/homework. Some practice in using the app before the assessment/exam is advised.


Fluency Tutor

Increase and track pupil’s reading fluency with this easy to use website: Pupils record themselves reading a passage (from a library or create   your own) for you to listen to and assess. Comprehension questions for each passage are also available.

Student Guide to Using Fluency Tutor

Supporting Bilingual Learners of English in Highland Schools